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MoreLife Summer Camp will be featured in a brand new documentary series, I Know What You Weighed Last Summer. The two-part documentary will be shown on Monday 4th January and Monday 11th January at 9pm on BBC Three and will also be available on BBC iPlayer after broadcast.

Cameras were invited along to document the goings-on at Europe’s longest-running weight loss summer camp and film everything; from intense physical activity sessions to weekly... weigh-ins to interactive educational sessions.

The camp’s approach doesn’t simply concentrate on weight loss goals but focuses on helping these young people tackle issues such as self-esteem, body confidence, severe bullying and summer depression.

Professor of Exercise and Obesity and founder of MoreLife Camp, Paul Gately, said “We want everybody to understand the difficulties and challenges overweight young people face every day and how the support of our fantastic staff at the camp can help to overcome these.”

As well as the 8 – 17 year olds that attend MoreLife Camp, the documentary will focus on the staff that sacrifice their summers to work there. Most have a background in health, sport or education and are supported by a team of volunteers.

Head of Programming at MoreLife Camp, Nicola Sides, is studying for a PhD in Psychology and has worked on the camp for five summers, she said “It’s incredibly fulfilling watching these children transform over the course of the summer. Not only do they lose weight but they gain bags of confidence and make friends for life. Just being a part of it is amazing!”

For more information on MoreLife Camp, head to or call 0113 812 5233

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MoreLife Summer Camp is not a boot camp or a fat camp, it's just a great way for kids and teens to lose weight.|By Fielden&Co



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